Upcycled Wool Sweater Tissue Pouches

Obstacle Course

I tend to leave projects all over the house, in various states of progress.

Upcycled Wool Sweater Pouches

Dining room floors are super convenient for drying newly felted wool.

This is what happens when a lamb’s wool sweater pays a visit to the washing machine and dryer. It’s fine. No, really. I was never a fan of beige turtlenecks anyway. ::sob::

Upcycled Wool Sweater Tissue Pouches

I stepped on the project at least twice before deciding it was time to move it.

Upcycled Sweater PouchesTo the living room floor instead. Upcycled Sweater Pouch 2I’ve got big plans to move them into the finished pile sometime in the next year. Progress takes time. Don’t want to pull a muscle or anything.

Is this a thing? Do other people slowly migrate unfinished projects around the house? This must be a thing. Please tell me this is a thing.


Be Different

I love noticing things around me that normally go unseen. This morning it was this arrangement of freshly made headbands…

Crochet adjustable headbands

One of these things is not like the other.

…that reminded me of this cute card that I received earlier this year.

Don't be afraid to be different

Wise words from a young kid.

Where do you find inspiration?