Bumble Berry Cabled Cowl Angle View

Bumble Berry Cabled Cowl

In all of the engagement excitement I forgot to post about my recent finished project! Oh the horror! To make amends, here are some pictures of the cushy Bumble Berry Cabled Cowl, fresh off my needles. Sort of.

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Sweater Picot Edge

Sweater to Sweater

I adore upcycling things, especially yarn. No sweater is safe if it is too big, too small or rarely worn. After a recent dive into my closet I stumbled upon a dark navy cabled cotton sweater that fit okay but was rather long and heavy. Solution: cut it up and save the yarn!

Sweater UpcyclingThe tricky thing about disassembling store-bought sweaters is knowing where to start. On this sweater, there were machine-sewn seams seemingly impossible to separate. Pulling on each thread at both ends of the seams, looking for the magical string to unwind it all, seemed fruitless. I became rather frustrated and decided to, oh, you know, chop a few inches off of the top. The exposed live stitches led me in the right direction. Continue reading

Secret Project: Revealed

Remember when I showed you this cute little strawberry square and hinted at a greater project based off of this design? Here is the finished project!
Finished Object Strawberry Teapot CozySo, why a strawberry? Well, this Saturday, June 28, Flip Coast Creations (that’s me!) will be hosting a table the 2014 Cornish, Maine Strawberry Festival! This is my first-ever craft fair and I am so very excited (read: nervous as all get out). Continue reading