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Hippity Hoppity Blog Hop

Chelsea over at Hipster Spice was kind enough to mention me in a recent blog hop. Thank you! You know, these questions were harder to answer than the ones posed by Lattes and Llamas in my recent Liebster Award post. Well, here we go!

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Sweater Stain

Cap Sleeve Completion

Well. I have finally finished the second of my upcycled cotton sweaters. Do you know what I noticed as soon as I laid it down to take a picture? Continue reading

The Forks Sky

Whitewater and Fireflies

I was tempted to call this post ‘Marshmallows and Moxie Falls’, but settled for ‘Whitewater and Fireflies’ instead. They both played an important role this past weekend when, to celebrate a friend’s wedding this coming August, a bunch of friends from New England and beyond got together to show her a good time in The Forks, Maine.

The Forks at sunsetThe Forks is known for its snowmobiling trails in the winter and whitewater rafting in the summer. Seeing as how it is July, we opted for a weekend rafting trip on the Kennebec River. 13 miles of water with rapids aptly named with such charming titles as The Rock Garden, Mystery Falls, and (my personal favorites) Big Mama and the Three Sisters. Such a lovely little family of class III-IV rapids. The water races by at 4800-6000 cubic feet per second, just in case you need to know that for, you know, a trivia game or something.

If I had a picture of our group racing down the river, which I do not because who in their right mind brings a camera whitewater rafting when they have a paddle to hold on to and their life to consider, it would most likely show me making a face of extreme surprise, excitement and slight terror. I can say this: I did not drop my paddle. And I did not fall out of the boat. Well, other than that one time when our guide said, ‘Go ahead, jump out of the boat. You can body raft the next set of rapids.’ There was a slight pause before our entire boat, save two, jumped overboard to spend the next few minutes swallowing water and screaming with excitement as we traversed the ‘swimmers rapids’ around us.

Kennebec River

This is a picture of the Kennebec in the morning, before the hydro plant upstream releases the surge of water each day.

We had campfires, made themed puffy paint t-shirts just like my junior high school birthday parties, and ate lots of marshmallows.

FireAnd the fireflies! It was magical. Before moving to Maine, I had never seen a firefly (or lightning bug). Nowadays I cannot imagine summer without glowing bugs. While stunning at night, with their little rumps all aglow in just the right shade of nuclear green, fireflies are also quite pretty during the day.


I mean, really. It was so glow-y! Glowing-y. Glowtastic. It glew?

We heard from some locals that we just had to see Moxie Falls while we were in the area. So, we did. After a quick hike we were rewarded with stunning views of the falls. It was a fitting side trip as that weekend was also Moxie Fest, a celebration of all things…Moxie.

Moxie FallsJust like when I traveled up the side of a mountain earlier this month and brought my knitting projects along, this weekend was no different. I actually brought two projects with me to The Forks, in case, well, I’m not sure how I thought I would get bored, but I brought them in case I got bored. Spoilers: I was not bored. Not even for a second.

Simple lace scarfThe first project is a classic ‘keep increasing until you have a huge triangle’ scarf, in soft turquoise cotton. Perfect for knitting while doing other things. Like eating marshmallows. Bonus of fireside knitting: my upcycled cotton sweater smells like smoky goodness and carries with it memories of the weekend.Eyelet work on cap sleeve sweaterSince I am knitting this sweater in the round, not back and forth as the pattern recommends, it took me a bit to figure out the easiest way to work the front and back eyelet portions. I settled on scrap yarn to hold half of the stitches as I work one side at a time. Once they are both done I will seam them along the top. I am so excited to be working on something other than stockinette!

Holding back stitches on cap sleeve sweaterOh! And the bride to be adored the pastel camisole top that I made her, first mentioned here. Thank you for your feedback! I opted for a simple eyelet stitch through the waist and top, finished with crochet picot edges all around.

Do you have projects that remind you of the places you worked on them?

Sweater Picot Edge

Sweater to Sweater

I adore upcycling things, especially yarn. No sweater is safe if it is too big, too small or rarely worn. After a recent dive into my closet I stumbled upon a dark navy cabled cotton sweater that fit okay but was rather long and heavy. Solution: cut it up and save the yarn!

Sweater UpcyclingThe tricky thing about disassembling store-bought sweaters is knowing where to start. On this sweater, there were machine-sewn seams seemingly impossible to separate. Pulling on each thread at both ends of the seams, looking for the magical string to unwind it all, seemed fruitless. I became rather frustrated and decided to, oh, you know, chop a few inches off of the top. The exposed live stitches led me in the right direction. Continue reading

Bumble Berry Swatch

Bumble Berry

Since learning how to knit eight years ago, I have developed a rich appreciation for cable patterns. From traditional Irish sweaters to cabled hats and gloves, I put cable stitches in just about everything I make. For years I strictly followed pattern books when creating cables. Now, I work from memory or create something new as I go along. This is how Bumble Berry came about. Continue reading

Various Colors of Cotton Yarn

California Dreaming

The bearded fellow and I are flying out of Portland tonight for an overdue visit home to California. I dutifully packed my bag last night with everything I needed to transition from Maine late spring weather to California summer weather. Aside from cramming as much as possible into my bag, there was one thing that made packing a lengthy process.

The endless debate of how much yarn I should actually bring with me.

There are current projects: upcycled cotton sweater yarn to make this adorable pattern, bright pink for a summer scarf gift, and an airy variegated option for a lace shawl.


There is also yarn for future projects (if I somehow magically happen to finish all the above projects in one week and need something else to keep me busy). Cotton in three colors for washcloths, face scrubbers, etc.

I mean, I should just bring them all, right?  Who knows what may happen. I could be stuck in traffic (it is California after all), bored in a long line at the store, or inside due to rain.

In the end I decided to pack most of the yarn. Three projects for the plane ride and the orange cotton in my packed bag. If you look closely, you can see the cotton yarn showing through the bag’s material on the left. If this gets any worse, I may decide not to pack any socks. To save space. For yarn. Lots more yarn.


Little Miss Matched: Punchy Pop

After several days of noticing my tendency to match my yarn of the day to my outfit of the day, I decided to create posts dedicated to each discovery of this anomaly. Can it be called an anomaly if it happens often? On to the good bits.

Welcome to: Little Miss Matched.

It’s okay. You can laugh.

Little Miss Matched struck again this afternoon while I was sitting at my favorite lunch spot, making crafts and munching lunch. Today’s color combination reminded me of a punchy color scheme you could wear to stand out in a crowd.

Color Coordination: Modern Pop

Imagine: light gray knit socks with geometric shapes in colors of neon pink and blue. Kapow! Look at me world! Ya can’t stop me from sashaying down the street today!

You get the idea.

Oh, this also happened.

Hold on for dear lifeGuess who spent five minutes watching this tiny snail make his way across a tiny blade of grass. I especially like how the dandelion behind the snail is shriveling up in fear as if to say: Oh no! Don’t eat me next!

What would you make with these vibrant colors?