Two cabled baby sweaters

Adulting: how to & how to not

I have found myself living a bit of a dichotomous* lifestyle lately.

On one hand I feel a proper adult, waking (slightly) earlier than normal to have a bit of a stretch before work, making (wee bits of) progress with wedding plans, putting the recycling bin(s) out for collection (occasionally).

Adulting: I obtained a new career which sent me to Guatemala, and I traveled, alone, with only my knitting and Dragonriders of Pern to keep me company. My perennial airplane drink of choice is tomato juice. It goes great with dragons.

Look at those healthy food choices. If that is not adulting, I'm not sure what is.

Look at those healthy food choices. If that is not adulting, I’m not sure what is.

Not Adulting: remember this duo of two-at-a-time baby sweaters? Well. Those sweaters have sat, finished and forlorn, on my dining room table, for about a month. Ends weaved. Yarn snipped. Not yet blocked because…

Don’t mind the light. My best procrastinating happens at night.

…I made a terribly disappointing (and hilarious) miscalculation in sizing. To quote the bearded fellow, “Jeez, those sweaters are all arms.”

Stretch Armstrong ordered a baby sweater.

Stretch Armstrong ordered a baby sweater.

S’okay. You can laugh.

After walking by this lonely pair for a few days I decided that there was not much else to do but bite the bullet, take a deep breath, and…

honeycomb baby sweater

…make a third, completely different, thankfully proportional, sweater.

Makes sense. Seems logical. And yet, here I am, still stuck with two very lovely, very non-blocked, very non-proportional sweaters on my dining room table.

Before these cabled conundrums become permanent placemats, it would be best for me to contact the experts: you!

Tell me straight, can the sweaters be saved by blocking? Have you found yourself in a similar pickle in the past? Do you know of any babies with really, really long arms? Should I scrap the lot and take up golfing?

Any and all recommendations are welcome and warranted, with many thanks, of course.

*Not to be confused with hippopotamus.


First Snow Fingerless Mitts and Equinox Cowl

I recently finished a batch of my Equinox Cowls and First Snow Fingerless Mitts for PacaNaturals, so this morning I snapped some quick pictures for posterity.

Four colors of Equinox CowlWe had a cute snowstorm last night that sprinkled happy snowflakes on the ground, fitting for taking pictures of the fingerless mittens so aptly named First Snow.

First Snow Fingerless MittsAs I was taking these shots I noticed little snowflakes landing on the darker mittens.

Dark Brown First Snow Fingerless MittsSure, we have all seen pictures of what unique snowflakes look like up close, but I could not help but imagine what snowflakes with their own unique personalities would look like. When I imagine a happy snowflake, it looks something like this:

Up close view of a snowflake

Super stoked to be a snowflake.

First Snow Fingerless Mitts

Three Levels of Knitting

This morning, as I shuffled down the pathway to my office, I decided to take a moment to ponder what knitting projects I brought with me. Perhaps it was the early morning sun awakening my curiosity or the crisp breeze reminding me that winter is on its way.

In reality, it was because I was early for work and wanted to take a moment to verify that I brought enough projects to work on during lunch.

Wait. (Insert tire screech sound bite.) Enough projects? More than one project is required to fill a one hour lunch break, in which eating must also be a part? Yes. The answer is yes. I carry at least two, if not three, small projects in my knitting bag, each a different skill level, attention demand, and overall ease of knitting rating.

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Do you Believe in Magic (Loop)

Anyone else have the Lovin’ Spoonful song Do You Believe in Magic in their head now?

Back on track: we are here for this kind of magic: the magic loop. Have you heard of it? (You probably have.) I just heard about it last week. (I know! That rock I was living under was rather large.) Nine years. I have been knitting for nine years and have yet to knit anything tube-like using this magical loop method. That is, until now. Magic Loop Knit Fingerless Gloves Continue reading

PacaNaturals yarn

PacaNaturals Yarn Review

Abbott Farms Alpacas baby

Stacey and a baby Abbott Farm alpaca.

A few weeks ago (I know, behind the times here) Portland held its first-ever Greenfest, a celebration of all things eco. Seeing as how the bearded fellow is an environmental educator for a living, he was hosting a booth and I offered to tag along.

It is a good thing I did, as we arrived to bustling crowds eager with questions. It is also a good thing that I know how to recycle. Otherwise, I would have sat there and knit while folks asked important questions like, ‘So, if I can recycle blue milk bottle caps, does that mean I can also recycle purple milk bottle caps?’ Recycle it all baby. Recycle it all.

Later in the day, I found myself wandering towards the ‘Green Living’ tent. Upon entering, I immediately spotted the alpaca booth, full of luxurious fiber from PacaNaturals. It must have been my lucky day because the owner, Stacey of Abbott Farm Alpacas, offered me two hanks of her fine fiber to take home and test. In exchange, I offered to create new items for her retail shop here in downtown Portland. Here are just two of her many happy alpacas.

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