Balsam Fir Pillows Outside

Smells Like Maine

You might be asking yourself why I am showing you a picture of a box full of…tree.

Remains of Balsam Fir TreeWell, this box holds the Christmas tree that the bearded fellow and I chopped down at a sustainable tree farm near Portland last year. Now you are probably asking yourself why we decided to keep our tree stored, in a box, chopped to bits, for six months, all alone. Continue reading

Interior of MTFBWYA Pencil Pouch

Use The Force

When I make a project, I like to imbue it with personality. Any ol’ beginner knit scarf becomes so much more when you pour buckets of love into each stitch. And a plain grey pencil pouch holds more than just pencils when it speaks to a special bond between two people (and their love for one very specific trilogy of movies). Continue reading