Hello! If this is your first time here, you found a great place to start.

So, who is behind the Flip Coast Creations magic curtain? I am so glad you asked!

Rungs on Mount Katahdin

Climbing Katahdin, 2014.

Greetings programs! My name is Danielle. Creative by day, unabashed nerd by night. And weekends. Most of the time actually. I love the outdoors, have a soft spot for Spock (TOS, mind you) and deep appreciation for all things crafty.

I started knitting in the winter of 2006 as a way to pass the time on rainy winter days. This was a Central California winter, so rain was about as bad as it was going to get.

Jump to February 1, 2010. I took a flight from San Francisco, California to Camden, Maine with my boyfriend fiancé (the bearded fellow), two bags of essentials (guess who packed her sewing machine, framed Leonard Nimoy print, and yarn stash), and nine months of guaranteed employment. Four apartments, three towns, and two three jobs later, here we are.

While I will always have a special place in my heart for the state of California, Maine is where I now call home. Apologies to my fans (hi mom) on the West Coast.

Flip Coast Creations gets its name from my own ‘coast flip’ back in 2010. It began as an opportunity to have a local craft shop showcase my wares. Once each project is complete I can pass it along to someone else. It feels like sending a smile to a stranger.

While the majority of this blog is dedicated to crafty creations, you will also see hints at life in Maine with me and the bearded fellow enjoying the beauty of Maine’s backcountry. Because I bring my knitting everywhere.
Flip Coast Creations Tag

You can some of my creations at Finding the Puddles in Cornish, Maine, as well as PacaNaturals in Portland, Maine.

Pop in to say hullo. Use the form below or email: dani at flipcoast dot com.


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