Adulting: how to & how to not

I have found myself living a bit of a dichotomous* lifestyle lately.

On one hand I feel a proper adult, waking (slightly) earlier than normal to have a bit of a stretch before work, making (wee bits of) progress with wedding plans, putting the recycling bin(s) out for collection (occasionally).

Adulting: I obtained a new career which sent me to Guatemala, and I traveled, alone, with only my knitting and Dragonriders of Pern to keep me company. My perennial airplane drink of choice is tomato juice. It goes great with dragons.

Look at those healthy food choices. If that is not adulting, I'm not sure what is.

Look at those healthy food choices. If that is not adulting, I’m not sure what is.

Not Adulting: remember this duo of two-at-a-time baby sweaters? Well. Those sweaters have sat, finished and forlorn, on my dining room table, for about a month. Ends weaved. Yarn snipped. Not yet blocked because…

Don’t mind the light. My best procrastinating happens at night.

…I made a terribly disappointing (and hilarious) miscalculation in sizing. To quote the bearded fellow, “Jeez, those sweaters are all arms.”

Stretch Armstrong ordered a baby sweater.

Stretch Armstrong ordered a baby sweater.

S’okay. You can laugh.

After walking by this lonely pair for a few days I decided that there was not much else to do but bite the bullet, take a deep breath, and…

honeycomb baby sweater

…make a third, completely different, thankfully proportional, sweater.

Makes sense. Seems logical. And yet, here I am, still stuck with two very lovely, very non-blocked, very non-proportional sweaters on my dining room table.

Before these cabled conundrums become permanent placemats, it would be best for me to contact the experts: you!

Tell me straight, can the sweaters be saved by blocking? Have you found yourself in a similar pickle in the past? Do you know of any babies with really, really long arms? Should I scrap the lot and take up golfing?

Any and all recommendations are welcome and warranted, with many thanks, of course.

*Not to be confused with hippopotamus.


11 thoughts on “Adulting: how to & how to not

  1. Sharyn Reed ( fellow dragon lover) says:

    I know Lessa would take them to the MasterWeaver for advice. The Master Harper would probably set it to music. Then F”lar would step in and say why don’t you just remake it.” Lessa would slap her hand against her forehead and say “Why didn’t I think of that!!” Then she would call Ramoth and off they would go to Paradise Island. Relavent?

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