PacaNaturals Yarn Review

Abbott Farms Alpacas baby

Stacey and a baby Abbott Farm alpaca.

A few weeks ago (I know, behind the times here) Portland held its first-ever Greenfest, a celebration of all things eco. Seeing as how the bearded fellow is an environmental educator for a living, he was hosting a booth and I offered to tag along.

It is a good thing I did, as we arrived to bustling crowds eager with questions. It is also a good thing that I know how to recycle. Otherwise, I would have sat there and knit while folks asked important questions like, ‘So, if I can recycle blue milk bottle caps, does that mean I can also recycle purple milk bottle caps?’ Recycle it all baby. Recycle it all.

Later in the day, I found myself wandering towards the ‘Green Living’ tent. Upon entering, I immediately spotted the alpaca booth, full of luxurious fiber from PacaNaturals. It must have been my lucky day because the owner, Stacey of Abbott Farm Alpacas, offered me two hanks of her fine fiber to take home and test. In exchange, I offered to create new items for her retail shop here in downtown Portland. Here are just two of her many happy alpacas.

Abbott Farm Alpacas

Clementine and Piper from Abbott Farm Alpacas. So fluffy.

The yarns offered by PacaNaturals are each crafted with Maine fiber and, depending on which yarn it is, blended with domestic or suri alpaca, and merino wool. Skeins are also spun and dyed locally for added charm.

PacaNaturals YarnBe sure to stop by the PacaNaturals retail store if you are in Portland. Not only will you be able to caress these fine yarns for yourself, you may see a few items made by yours truly!

PacaNaturals yarnAfter making a few swatches to familiarize myself with the yarn Stacey gave me, I decided upon two items: one simple knit cowl to show off the qualities of the yarn and a pair of heavily cabled fingerless gloves. First up: the cowl!

Sea foam summer cowlThis green is a lovely shade akin to sea foam in summer. I chose simple stitches, little bamboo and leaning lace, to put the focus on the softness of the yarn. If only touch-o-vision were actually a thing, you could feel it for yourselves. Disclaimer: Many skeins were caressed in the making of this post.

Seafoam summer finished cowl

Early morning light added blue hues to the yarn.

To contrast the simplicity of the cowl, I decided upon these intricately cabled fingerless gloves. The white yarn is much finer and looked spectacular knit on size 1 needles.

Bobble detail on cabled fingerless glovesThose bits in the center are a cluster of bobbles which make a neat textural piece to play with admire. There was only one mishap, which occurred when I began the right glove the same as I did the left. A few minutes (and inches) later, I was back on track with the thumb on the proper side there on the left. No one likes thumbs sticking out in random places. But if you do, let me know. I’m really good at making backwards gloves.

Fingerless snowdrop cabled gloves progressAs if a gift from above, this yarn was even softer than the green. It made it easy to frog and remake during the great thumb debacle of 2014. Cabled snowdrop fingerless gloves I added picot stitches along the bottom as a crochet afterthought. This tends to happen when I am making projects for other people. I keep fiddling with the finished object, adding edging here, assessing bound off edges, driving myself bonkers over details. With projects I make for myself, it becomes more of, ‘Annnnnnd, done. No need to block it, just gonna wear it.‘ sort of thing. Ya know what I mean?

Picot edging on snowdrop fingerless glovesYarn distraction! Those little fuzzy bits equate to soft caresses for your fingers to enjoy as you knit along. I keep saying it, but truly this yarn is a dream to work with. Good thing, too, because Stacey gifted me with a whole bin of new yarn to work with. Currently on my needles: a rich blue version of the cowl from above, adjusted for longer length and width.

Copenhagen Blue PacaNaturals CowlOh look! More picot edging! I liked the edge of the original cowl, but felt it needed a final touch for a bit of elegance. (What was that about not leaving well enough alone?)

Piper, Abbott Farm AlpacasOkay, just one more adorable fluffy alpaca picture before I go. Sigh. So cute.


6 thoughts on “PacaNaturals Yarn Review

  1. Sharyn Reed says:

    Really loved these patterns, are they yours? Can I have them? Can I have Piper? Can he come stay at my apt.? Oh Dear, I really like that yarn, it looks so soft, it made me lose it for a minute, ha ha LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! The cowl is my own creation. The gloves are modified from a cable pattern I found. I would be happy to write the finalized patterns up and post them here! Aren’t these alpacas just the cutest? I wonder what Clementine would have to say about Piper leaving.


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