Bumble Berry Cabled Cowl

In all of the engagement excitement I forgot to post about my recent finished project! Oh the horror! To make amends, here are some pictures of the cushy Bumble Berry Cabled Cowl, fresh off my needles. Sort of.

Anyway. The original Bumble Berry pattern was created when inspiration struck in the form of a popsicle. What can I say. It inspired me. (It was a really good popsicle.)

Here is the original Bumble Berry pattern, in turquoise cotton:

Bumble Berry Swatch

With the original inspiration. For scale. And added flavor:

Bumble Berry Inspiration

And here is the updated cabled cowl version:

Bumble Berry Cabled CowlYarn: Cleckheaton Country 8 ply, grown and spun in Australia. In the colorway 2277 which, as I unceremoniously just discovered, is called: purple. Duh.

I have had this yarn in my stash for ages. Ever since the little yarn shop in Camden closed and everything was 75% off. I know. I bought the whole store. This yarn has not really spoken to me since I bought it. Until now. I knew. That…purple…color. It was destined for something big.

Bumble Berry Cabled Cowl Angle View

As I talked about in the original post, this pattern is a modified honeycomb cable with three stacked twists in the center, as shown above. The only change I made to the pattern for the cowl was tapering the larger honeycomb section into smaller and smaller circles (easily seen in the first cowl photo).

Bumble Berry Cabled CowlOverall it was a very simple knit, easy to memorize, with just enough difficulty to keep you interested. If I can find some time when I am not looking at pretty wedding dresses away from life’s most important tasks, I’ll be sure to post a pattern here for you to enjoy.

Until then pals, stay inspired. By things like popsicles.

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