Falling for Wool

The season for wool knits is upon us.

Who am I kidding? The majority of us knit with wool all year. It is, however, the first day of autumn. Which is always a perfect time for celebration of all things wool and knitting. Sweater season approaches, friends.



Are you ready?IMG_1489.JPG

Bumble Berry Cabled Cowl Angle View

Bumble Berry Cabled Cowl

In all of the engagement excitement I forgot to post about my recent finished project! Oh the horror! To make amends, here are some pictures of the cushy Bumble Berry Cabled Cowl, fresh off my needles. Sort of.

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Mount Katahdin

I Said Yes on a Mountain in Maine

Remember when I wrote about the recent wedding I was in? Well, I forgot to mention that I nearly caught the bouquet. Nearly. It flew through my hands and I was left with just a few petals. As I turned to watch its arc, it slammed right into the stomach of another bridesmaid behind me. As it turns out, I did not need to catch that bouquet after all.

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