Discovering Doilies

I do not consider myself much of a home decorator. When the bearded fellow and I moved to Maine, our first apartment was adorned with two things: one Star Trek calendar and one framed picture of Leonard Nimoy as Spock (swoon).

Over the years we have slowly developed our self-proclaimed style: simple, unpretentious, with a vintage twist. The bearded fellow has a keen eye for color and design. Try as I might, I can only coordinate colors when I am not actually trying to do so.

On Saturday we suddenly had an urge to add houseplants to our apartment. For years we have lived with endlessly multiplying spider plants that simply will not die. Which is great, because I sometimes have a brown thumb. This time we wanted something more sophisticated. Peace Lily. Fern. Ponytail Palm. You know, something Poirot would have.

While hunting for suitable plants and holders we made our way to Michaels. I took a look at one aisle, the bearded fellow took a peek down another. It was relatively quiet until the bearded fellow happened upon the most ridiculously adorable hunk of ceramic we have ever seen. Not a plant pot, but, for some unexplained reason, we just had to have it.

Feung Shui Ceramic Blue Elephant

Say hello to Mr. P. Nut

Splurge? Not really. He was 90% off! Impulse buy? Definitely. But it is an elephant!

As we scooped up our purchase, the bearded fellow took one serious look at me and said, ‘We need to buy a doily to make Mr. P. Nut look like a Victorian plant stand.’

This is why he selects our home furnishings.

My answer? No, we absolutely do not need to buy a doily. I need to make a doily!

Had I ever made a doily before? Nope. But let me tell ya, I was not going to let that stop me. Determined, we made a beeline for the crochet thread. Next up: size 8 crochet hook. It was there that I had my first moment of doubt. Have you seen how tiny size 8 crochet hooks are? This fuzzy photo should give you an idea.

Size comparison, Parker pen, size 8 crochet hook, paperclip

Oh wait, you still cannot see the crochet hook tip because it is that small

Panic struck when I plucked the teensy little piece of metal off of the display. Then I thought about how adorable Mr. P. Nut would look with doily petals cascading down from the underside of a very Victorian looking plant. Too much, right? After welcoming Mr. P. Nut to his new abode, I searched for ‘easy doily patterns for beginners’ and within the hour I had finished the central design.

Easy Pineapple Doily Without Petals Next up are the remaining seven petals that will eventually overlap the edge of P. Nut’s plant stand surface. I am really excited to see how it turns out.

Easy Pineapple Doily With One Petal

One petal completed!

Lessons learned (so far) from my first-ever doily project:

  • Mercerized cotton is slippery! It took me a bit to get used to the size of the hook and the texture of the thread, which made my stitches rather wobbly and loose. I am hoping that once it is blocked it will have the same crisp appearance as the pattern.
  • Once you start a round, finish it. Working with teeny tiny little stitches made it hard to keep track of where I was if I had to pause mid-process.
  • Sit up straight. I have a tendency to crouch uncomfortably when working intense projects. As if the project will be stolen from my hands if I were to sit up and work it more like a human and less like Gollum cuddling his precious.
  • Read the pattern carefully. Somehow I ended up with an extra line of treble crochets radiating from the center, used to separate each petal shape. I have nine rather than eight. It’s not a big deal. (It reminds me to pay closer attention next time.)

Alright folks, honesty time. I really like this doily. Not once would I have ever thought of making one before this. In fact, I may make another one. Or two.

So, what do you think: yay or nay on doilies?

16 thoughts on “Discovering Doilies

  1. I think Poirot would be pleased. I’m not generally a doily-type of person, but that elephant just wouldn’t be complete without one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides, crocheting all tiny like that is a nice skill to develop.


  2. Stitch Boom Bang says:

    Doilies have been on my mind lately, but I quickly dismissed the idea of making them after looking at a pattern. My head almost exploded. You make it look so easy, but I don’t believe you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The magic of the internet is making it look easier than it really is. That being said, do not be too dismayed. It is a bit like making a puzzle, except you are making the pieces. That probably doesnโ€™t help. I realized last night that I only have seven petals instead of eight and nearly ripped the entire project out. But you know what? It is so much fun that I would gladly make another. I will leave this one as is, to remind me of the conquest. I say, go for it. Even if it looks ridiculous, itโ€™s a doily! They look ridiculous anyway.


      • Stitch Boom Bang says:

        Doilies ARE ridiculous! You have inspired me. I’ll let you know how it works out…I predict a complete disaster, but you never know.


  3. I LOVE doilies! I still haven’t plucked up the courage to make one in anything finer than 4ply cotton yet. I have the finer cotton and the hooks but… *insert excuses here*
    You are very lucky to have a man who appreciates a doily! And Leonard Nimoy! That’s a rare combo. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • Doilies are the future! (There is no scientific data behind this.)

      I understand the excuses part. My doily has been staring me down for the past few days as I have been working on other items that are not as finicky. But those little cotton threads are calling my name…


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