She Gets Me

I have oodles of cousins. More than I can count on two hands. Plus most of my toes. Out of the multitude of cousins there is one who has always felt like more of a best friend. She was born in August, me in December. Our slightly dichotomous personalities are perfectly complementary to each other. She is a skateboarder, I would probably fall on my face. She creates impeccable embroidery stitches by hand, I knit and crochet. We fit. It works.

Portland Maine NinjasAs a kid I always looked up to her. Well, figuratively speaking. She is a few inches shorter than I am. Seeing as how she is so much older than me, I wanted to do everything she got to do. If she put pastel barrettes in her hair, I put pastel barrettes in my hair. Over the years we have continued to grow closer. Childhood friendship has made way for adult appreciation of sarcasm, adventurous living, and an appreciation for whoopie pies.

Circa 1989

We have always had impeccable fashion sense.

Last year she flew across the country to stay with the bearded fellow and I in Portland. We made sure to show her the best Maine summer possible, complete with lobsters here, backcountry hiking there, and thunderstorms with green lightning (really). To thank us for hosting her she crafted the most adorable Maine themed embroidery.

Embroidery: State of Maine and PineconeJust look at the detail! She even stitched little islands along Maine’s rocky coast just like the real thing. And the bright red heart for Portland? Too cute! Love, love, love.

Pinecone Embroidery: State of Maine FlowerWhen she discovered that Maine’s state flower is the white pine cone, she immediately thought, ‘A pine cone?!’ My feelings exactly. We are The Pine Tree State after all. With all the white pine and balsam we have around here, the state stays green all year (save those times when white bits fall from above). Also, (science friends please weigh in) I’m not sure pine cones are actually flowers. But, hey, that’s how we roll here in Maine.

Knitting EmbroideryNot one to pass on a chance to craft something new (hmm…sounds familiar) she gave me this killer cross-stitch square this past Christmas. It really sums things up, doesn’t it? Seeing as how August is right around the corner, we should be seeing winter in Maine in less than three months. Three months. Unless it snows on Halloween again…

SkateboardingI could not resist adding at least one picture of her mad skateboarding skills.


4 thoughts on “She Gets Me

  1. I have a cousin like that as well. Family is the best.

    By the by, I have loved reading your blog over the past few months. So much so, I just mentioned you in a Blog Hop. Hope you get a little extra traffic. You deserve it!


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