Cap Sleeve Completion

Well. I have finally finished the second of my upcycled cotton sweaters. Do you know what I noticed as soon as I laid it down to take a picture?

Lauras Loop Cap Sleeve Lattice Top FrontThe stain on the front, just right of center near the bottom. Any recommendations for how to remove it? I’m not even sure what it is! Coffee, tea, almond milk, who knows.

Laura's Loop Cap Sleeve Lattice Top

Tsk, tsk. Look at all those wrinkles.

Aside from the stain, I am beyond happy with the result. Heck, I made two complete summer sweaters from one free sweater. I think that is an upcyling win in any book. I mentioned in earlier posts that I was knitting this sweater in the round, not back and forth as the pattern is written. Apart from a bit of engineering confusion when I reached the top of the stockinette part, it came together easily.

Once the back lattice was complete, I held the shoulder stitches separate and worked the front. Once that was done, I used Kitchener stitch to seam the shoulders. It must have been quite the sight. Try as I might to do otherwise, I complete Kitchener stitches while repeating the steps out loud. Knit off, purl on, purl off, knit on…  I highly recommend it for its calming properties as you try not to drop those stitches you are clinging to so tightly. All while weaving a little needle in and out. If the pattern is interrupted, I usually just pretend that I knew exactly which step I left off on. You know? No one can tell.

Laura's Loop Cap Sleeve Lattice Top

Heh. No more stain here!

My dear friend Em and I joke that we did our own knit-along, except she finished her sweater a few months before I did mine. I really like how the sage and cream work together. It was her first time knitting a garment and I think she did swell, don’t you?

Merino Wool Cap Sleeve Sweater

We used this popular pattern. Overall, we enjoy the fit. It is a bit boxy along the waist but it makes for a perfect top over a camisole. Which is definitely necessary seeing as how the lattice part comes down farther than appropriate for an office setting. I definitely recommend it and might even make it again in the future.

Remaining Cotton Sweater

Now what to do with the remaining cotton from the oversized sweater. It actually might be just enough for a sleeveless top. Any recommendations?


9 thoughts on “Cap Sleeve Completion

  1. You and your friend both did a great job! I was thinking about knitting that, so it’s nice to see how it turned out for you two. 🙂 Another top is a good idea, but I don’t know how much yarn you have left, and I like longer tops, so I would maybe knit something for a baby boy out of the leftovers…baby stuff is always nice to have on hand for gifts.


  2. I could not figure out for the life of me, what was wrong with it! Too busy looked at the stitches haha!
    Both of the sweaters look great 🙂 For your friends first garment, she has very neat knitting!


  3. I love this pattern! I recently completed it in grey and teal. I agree though that it is a little boxy, but I wear it with skinny jeans so the proportions work well. Your sweater came out lovely!


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