Lost and Found

It happens. We forget that we have projects tucked away, in some dark corner of the house, waiting patiently for rediscovery. For me, that project is a knit short row shaped skirt that I started, oh, you know, eight years ago. I am not sure what it is about this skirt that kept me away for so long. Rather than continuing to hide it in a deep dark corner of my closet, I decided, against all odds, to sacrifice it for another project: a crochet storage basket. I’ll probably end up filling this yarn basket with more yarn. Ironic? I think not.

Skirt to Basket

That’s eight years of curl in that yarn. Better than a perm.

In other news, the Cornish Strawberry Festival this past weekend was a success. Shoppers enjoyed my thematic strawberry teapot covers. I spent the day with Tiffany from Finding the Puddles, the owner of the gift shop in Cornish of the same name. She works wonders with wool, especially when recreating children’s drawings into three-dimensional needle felted creatures. Simply too cute!

Finding the Puddles Custom Children's Art Recreation

Copyright Finding the Puddles

The most notable part of the day was an encounter between myself, an extremely animated small child about five years old, and a freshly made balsam fir pillow.

Balsam Fir in a Jar

Balsam in a jar = instant smile.

Child: (holding a balsam fir pillow) What’s this?

Me: Smell it!

Child: (covers her face with the pillow and immediately starts sneezing and coughing) Oh! Whoa! What is in this?! That’s strong!

Child’s Mother: What does it remind you of?

Child: (smelling it again) Some kind of…seed or something.

My very first critic. I shall rebrand them as “Some Kind of Seed or Something Pillows.”

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