Smells Like Maine

You might be asking yourself why I am showing you a picture of a box full of…tree.

Remains of Balsam Fir TreeWell, this box holds the Christmas tree that the bearded fellow and I chopped down at a sustainable tree farm near Portland last year. Now you are probably asking yourself why we decided to keep our tree stored, in a box, chopped to bits, for six months, all alone.

Bagged Balsam Fir NeedlesWe all know I like to make things, especially when they are upcycled, recycled, or repurposed. Rather than toss our tree to the curb, I decided to keep it, salvage all the needles, and make balsam fir pillows.

Balsam Up CloseIf you have never smelled balsam fir before, imagine this: a walk through a rich forest with cool mist hanging in the air, owls hooting in the distance, your feet barely making a sound on the duff trail, and balsam fir trees hitting you repeatedly in the face until it smells like Christmas. And Maine. Everywhere.

Christmas Tree TrunkI am not quite sure yet what to do with the large branches and trunk bits. Any ideas? For now, I am really pleased with how the pillows are turning out. I am using natural cotton cloth with found buttons and fabric scraps to decorate. In the future I hope to stencil images of Maine themed things in one corner. You know, like moose and things.

Pile of Balsam Fir PillowsI have enough sap on my hands to stick to the walls like Spider-Man. 

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