Secret Project: Revealed

Remember when I showed you this cute little strawberry square and hinted at a greater project based off of this design? Here is the finished project!
Finished Object Strawberry Teapot CozySo, why a strawberry? Well, this Saturday, June 28, Flip Coast Creations (that’s me!) will be hosting a table the 2014 Cornish, Maine Strawberry Festival! This is my first-ever craft fair and I am so very excited (read: nervous as all get out).

Strawberry Tea Cozy in ProgressWhen asked to attend, I instantly knew that I wanted to bring strawberry themed items to feature at the Flip Coast table. After a few ideas for drawstring handbags, which I still may do, I decided that nothing could be cuter than a little strawberry shaped teapot cozy. I seem to have a thing for teapots now, even though hot tea is not-so-summery.

Not able to find a pattern that I liked (what a perfectionist) I decided to simply make my own. I will be posting that pattern here, probably after Strawberry Festival madness.
Strawberry Tea CozyThis weekend I picked up some soft cotton yarn in red, cream and green to make a few  more covers for this Saturday’s event. If you will be in the Cornish area this weekend, I would love to meet you! Email me if you would like more details.

If you were to make a teapot cozy in any shape, what would you choose?

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