Secret Project: Summer Strawberry

I have a new project on my needles for a special event next weekend which means that I have dropped everything else to work on it. This probably does not come as a surprise to you, as we crafters relish in the opportunity to pass on three miles of stockinette stitch to pick up a quick project. Sorry cotton cap sleeve sweater, you lost this time.

After just an hour or two of knitting, and a spot of crocheting along the top, the first half of this surprise project is complete, save blocking to even out those lovely wobbly edges. Any guesses on what it will be? Other than a strawberry. Obviously.


Special thanks to the wild berries who posed just perfectly with the project. See that little strawberry on the right and the other two on the left? It’s like they knew I was going to have lunch and photograph this very project in this very spot. Life, man.

Thus begins my curiosity about the edibility of wild berries found in nature.

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