Bumble Berry

Since learning how to knit eight years ago, I have developed a rich appreciation for cable patterns. From traditional Irish sweaters to cabled hats and gloves, I put cable stitches in just about everything I make. For years I strictly followed pattern books when creating cables. Now, I work from memory or create something new as I go along. This is how Bumble Berry came about.

Bumble Berry Detail
Actually, this is how Bumble Berry came about. It was warm out, a frozen pop kind of day. Not just any pop, a Pure Pop from Rosemont Market made with local, organic ingredients. I was sitting in the sun, contemplating what I should name my newest cable pattern creation when I looked down and saw this scene in front of me:
Bumble Berry Inspiration

Talk about an aha! moment. So, what is a bumble berry? Usually, the term bumble berry is given to a pie that has at least three berries in the filling. This particular pop has a delightful trio of organic strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. It was so good.

Bumble Berry Swatch

Bumble Berry cable pattern consists of honeycomb stitches blended with two trios of cable twists. Once I made one square, I knew that there was only one thing that this delightfully summery cotton yarn would be suited for.

Bumble Berry Teapot Cover Full

Teapot cozies are like little dresses for your tiny teapots. My little white teapot is not very large, so this cozy looks more like a scene from my childhood when I would try on my mother’s dresses. Nevertheless, it turned out rather cute. The top can be cinched shut, allowing for access to the lid if needed, and there are two slots on either side for the handle and the spout. I’ll post a pattern so you too can enjoy Bumble Berry at home.

Bumble Berry Teapot CoverEven though summer weather is here, I will be putting my teapot to good use for iced tea, if only to use this adorable cover. Along with my favorite teacup. And my pinkie in the air.

I’m a little teapot, short and stout. 

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