Coast to Coast

Flip Coast Creations was inspired by my move (just over four years ago) from my home state of California to the Pine Tree State: Maine. Yesterday the bearded fellow and I returned from a refreshing visit to see our families in California. Traveling 3,000 miles across the country, twice, gave me plenty of time for reflection and I learned a few things worthy of a share:

Traveling is exhausting, eye-opening and rejuvenating all at the same time. I have bazillions of family members and try to see as many people as possible while home. Thankfully, everyone lives within a two-hour radius. It makes it easier to soak up as much family time as possible, even if I have to hop from house to house for a week.

California is enormous and Maine is adorably tiny. It never ceases to amaze me how big everything is in California, especially compared to Maine. Everyone I know in California has a different area code. Maine has one area code. In California, freeways have oodles of lanes that crisscross confusingly in all directions. In Maine, you can take the same primary Interstate highway from the top of the state to the bottom.

Sarcasm is more of a West Coast thing. Truly, it is an art. Practice makes perfect.

Weather patterns are weird. When we left Portland it was 68 degrees and raining.Foggy Portland Maine JetportSan Francisco greeted us with iconic thick fog. If you look really closely, you can see hints of San Francisco across the Bay from Berkeley where I snapped this quick pic.

Foggy Berkeley California

Visiting my folks that same day, just on the other side of the Berkley Hills, I experienced temperatures well into the 100s. Just thinking about it is making me dehydrated.Golden Hills of California and Mount DiabloEver wonder why they are known as the Golden Hills of California? Wonder no longer friends. Welcome to California summer.

Golden Hills of CaliforniaI packed way too much yarn. After convincing myself that I should bring a large stash of yarn for knitting and crocheting, I only finished one project: a bright pink scarf for one of my sisters. I used a simple lace pattern and stitch increases at the start of each row to create the ever-popular triangular scarf effect with some horizontal ribbing for texture.

Pink Triangle Scarf

Binding off was a dream because I have discovered the most magical way to keep stretch in a bound off edge. It is probably a well-known process that every knitter except for me already knows BUT it still changed my knit life. I tend to make sweaters and socks with bound off edges that are too tight to wear. No longer!

We should all make time for fun. My cousin M and I decided to take a full moon hike on Friday the 13th. Fitting, no? We are both outdoorsy people and it was a great way to exercise, see the moon rise, and hug some redwood trees. The view was okay, too.

The Bay Area, CaliforniaAll I could hear in my head while we were watching the moon rise was the opening music from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Just you try listening to that song and tell me that it is not perfectly suited to a moonrise. Here is your very own fuzzy view of that selfsame moon for dramatic effect. If you have never seen the moonrise, it is so worth it.

Full moon rising over Mount Diablo, CaliforniaI did more knitting at the airport than I did at home. The bearded fellow and I really lucked out this trip with only one delay in San Jose which, thankfully, shortened our layover in JFK to just an hour. During this time I was able to complete a few inches on the cap sleeve sweater I am making from upcycled cotton yarn. I decided to knit the pattern in the round instead of back and forth because, let’s be honest, purling for an entire row after whipping across 200 knit stitches faster than light feels like crawling through mud.

Upcycled Yarn Cap Sleeve Sweater Progress

After three miles of ribbing for the base of the sweater, I am now a few inches into the twenty miles of stockinette for the body. I just noticed that Little Miss Matched struck again with a nautical navy blue and white theme this time. Perfect for Portland.

Coming home should always feel like coming home. California will always be my original home state. As soon as our plane flew over the Portland peninsula, I knew that I was really, truly home.

Portland Maine from the air

Excuse me, I have to go convince my entire family to move across the country.


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