California Dreaming

The bearded fellow and I are flying out of Portland tonight for an overdue visit home to California. I dutifully packed my bag last night with everything I needed to transition from Maine late spring weather to California summer weather. Aside from cramming as much as possible into my bag, there was one thing that made packing a lengthy process.

The endless debate of how much yarn I should actually bring with me.

There are current projects: upcycled cotton sweater yarn to make this adorable pattern, bright pink for a summer scarf gift, and an airy variegated option for a lace shawl.


There is also yarn for future projects (if I somehow magically happen to finish all the above projects in one week and need something else to keep me busy). Cotton in three colors for washcloths, face scrubbers, etc.

I mean, I should just bring them all, right?  Who knows what may happen. I could be stuck in traffic (it is California after all), bored in a long line at the store, or inside due to rain.

In the end I decided to pack most of the yarn. Three projects for the plane ride and the orange cotton in my packed bag. If you look closely, you can see the cotton yarn showing through the bag’s material on the left. If this gets any worse, I may decide not to pack any socks. To save space. For yarn. Lots more yarn.


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