Mission Cornish: Accomplished

I finally made it to Finding the Puddles in Cornish, Maine to drop off freshly made crafts. Hooray! Four clementine crates full of colorful headbands, washcloths, tissue holders and face scrubbers are ready to greet all who enter the store.

Clementine crates make great craft displays!

Clementine crates make great upcycled display boxes. (And it gets them out of the storage closet.)

Cornish is located in one of my favorite parts of Maine. The bearded fellow and I took advantage of spectacular weather and went to Pleasant Mountain for a day hike.

It always amazes me how different parts of the state advance through each season of the year at different rates. In the Portland area, lilacs and daylilies are in full bloom. On the Pleasant Mountain hike we saw early spring flowers, like these bright pink lady slippers, that bloomed weeks ago in Portland.

Lady slippers on Pleasant Mountain in Western Maine

Measuring in at 2600 feet, Pleasant Mountain made for a perfect late afternoon hike. There were oodles of interesting stops along the way like this super cool gorge called the ‘Needle’s Eye’. The bearded fellow quickly found a way to climb to the top. Naturally.

The Needle's Eye on Pleasant Mountain

The trail we chose, Bald Peak, also crossed the Big Bald Peak summit about a mile from the top of Pleasant Mountain. Big Bald Peak had stunning Easterly views.

Easterly view from Bald Peak Summit

Once we reached the Pleasant Mountain summit we were facing the White Mountains in New Hampshire. With binoculars we could see the weather station atop Mount Washington. All in all it was a relatively short hike for very rewarding views.

Pleasant Mountain Summit

Mountains upon mountains.

Now that my pile of handmade items have been delivered to Finding the Puddles (the cutest little Maine made gift shop, really) I can switch my focus back to personal projects. Currently I am working on two breezy summer sweaters made from upcycled yarn unraveled from a cotton sweater that was too big. Stay tuned for updates on those!


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