Flip Coast Creations Cards

Lost and Found

It happens. We forget that we have projects tucked away, in some dark corner of the house, waiting patiently for rediscovery. For me, that project is a knit short row shaped skirt that I started, oh, you know, eight years ago. I am not sure what it is about this skirt that kept me away for so long. Rather than continuing to hide it in a deep dark corner of my closet, I decided, against all odds, to sacrifice it for another project: a crochet storage basket. I’ll probably end up filling this yarn basket with more yarn. Ironic? I think not.

Skirt to Basket

That’s eight years of curl in that yarn. Better than a perm.

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Balsam Fir Pillows Outside

Smells Like Maine

You might be asking yourself why I am showing you a picture of a box full of…tree.

Remains of Balsam Fir TreeWell, this box holds the Christmas tree that the bearded fellow and I chopped down at a sustainable tree farm near Portland last year. Now you are probably asking yourself why we decided to keep our tree stored, in a box, chopped to bits, for six months, all alone. Continue reading

Secret Project: Revealed

Remember when I showed you this cute little strawberry square and hinted at a greater project based off of this design? Here is the finished project!
Finished Object Strawberry Teapot CozySo, why a strawberry? Well, this Saturday, June 28, Flip Coast Creations (that’s me!) will be hosting a table the 2014 Cornish, Maine Strawberry Festival! This is my first-ever craft fair and I am so very excited (read: nervous as all get out). Continue reading

Bumble Berry Swatch

Bumble Berry

Since learning how to knit eight years ago, I have developed a rich appreciation for cable patterns. From traditional Irish sweaters to cabled hats and gloves, I put cable stitches in just about everything I make. For years I strictly followed pattern books when creating cables. Now, I work from memory or create something new as I go along. This is how Bumble Berry came about. Continue reading

Secret Project: Summer Strawberry

I have a new project on my needles for a special event next weekend which means that I have dropped everything else to work on it. This probably does not come as a surprise to you, as we crafters relish in the opportunity to pass on three miles of stockinette stitch to pick up a quick project. Sorry cotton cap sleeve sweater, you lost this time.
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The Grange Range Charity Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing, For a Cause

While I have never participated in a yarn bombing project (yet) I sincerely appreciate those who do, especially when it is for a good cause. Recently, I saw an intriguing series of posts over at The Grange Range that reminded me of the importance of acts of kindness.

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Portland Maine from the air

Coast to Coast

Flip Coast Creations was inspired by my move (just over four years ago) from my home state of California to the Pine Tree State: Maine. Yesterday the bearded fellow and I returned from a refreshing visit to see our families in California. Traveling 3,000 miles across the country, twice, gave me plenty of time for reflection and I learned a few things worthy of a share:

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