Use The Force

When I make a project, I like to imbue it with personality. Any ol’ beginner knit scarf becomes so much more when you pour buckets of love into each stitch. And a plain grey pencil pouch holds more than just pencils when it speaks to a special bond between two people (and their love for one very specific trilogy of movies).

One of my younger brothers has always been a fan of Star Wars. By fan I mean that by a young age he could recite first (and last) names for nearly every character in the galaxy and always wins when we play Star Wars trivia games.

He is also naturally creative. For his birthday I decided to knit a zippered case to hold his art supplies. The goal was for a simple enough case with a sly hint at Star Wars.

After some deliberation, and several failed attempts to knit a blaster shape (because, for me, simple = as difficult as possible), I opted for seven very special letters: MTFBWYA.MTFBWYA Pencil Pouch

May the Force Be With You Always.

Interior of MTFBWYA Pencil PouchUtility, personality, and space art fabric lining. Definitely the gift he was looking for.

What do you do to make gifts special?

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