Little Miss Matched: Punchy Pop

After several days of noticing my tendency to match my yarn of the day to my outfit of the day, I decided to create posts dedicated to each discovery of this anomaly. Can it be called an anomaly if it happens often? On to the good bits.

Welcome to: Little Miss Matched.

It’s okay. You can laugh.

Little Miss Matched struck again this afternoon while I was sitting at my favorite lunch spot, making crafts and munching lunch. Today’s color combination reminded me of a punchy color scheme you could wear to stand out in a crowd.

Color Coordination: Modern Pop

Imagine: light gray knit socks with geometric shapes in colors of neon pink and blue. Kapow! Look at me world! Ya can’t stop me from sashaying down the street today!

You get the idea.

Oh, this also happened.

Hold on for dear lifeGuess who spent five minutes watching this tiny snail make his way across a tiny blade of grass. I especially like how the dandelion behind the snail is shriveling up in fear as if to say: Oh no! Don’t eat me next!

What would you make with these vibrant colors?

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