Coordinating Colors

My office is conveniently situated on the bank of the Stroudwater River in Portland. This also happens to be the home to one of the many trailheads for Portland Trails, our local land trust. Lucky for me, and the handful of other businesses here, there are plenty of opportunities to escape from indoor office life to gaze at wildlife and trees instead.

The bearded fellow and I often meet here for lunch as his office is right across the street from mine. Most days I can be found with both lunch and craft projects in my hands. Recently I noticed a very interesting trend developing.

I unintentionally match my yarn choice for the day with my outfit of the day.

Coordinating Crochet Day

Hello, camouflage crochet.

Some days I create a perfect palette by coordinating with colors around me.

Coordinating Crochet Day: SpringTurquoise yarn, light gray pants and bright pink flowers create a cheerful spring theme.

Coordinating Crochet: Pink and TanI mean, really. Bright pink meets muted tan with just a hint of rich green for accent. How cute are those little white flowers?

I wonder if this has anything to do with my meticulously colorized closet.

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